Current Systems Integration Representing:
Level Gauging: Float & Tape, Servo, Radar Interfacing: RTU, Interface Communication, Wireless Transceivers, Temperature Sensors, Software: Fuels Manager, Asset Management, Inventory Management Analyzer Technology: pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen & ISE Sensors, Turibidity & Suspended Solid Sensors, Transmitters, Analyzers & Accessories
Level: Steam/Water Level Gauges, Steam Trac Magnetic Level Gauges, Level Indication Water Columns, Probes, Illuminators, Valves   Analyzers: Pre Coolers, Gas Sample Probes, Gas Coolers, Portable Sample Systems, Sample Conditioning Systems, PLC Sequencers
Level: Ultrasonic, Submersible Pressure Point Leve: Vibrating, Fork, Paddle Ultrasonic Gap, Capacitance Flow: Velocity, Sensor, Non-Intrusive Liquid & Solids Flow Switch, Sludge Finder Temperature: Sanitary Temp. Sensor with Built-in 4-20 mA Out, RTD, Thermowells, Transmitters, Controllers, Recorders Humidity: Transmitters, Controllers, Data Loggers/ Ultrasonic Level, Capacitance & Switches
Linear-Position Sensors, Liquid-Level Sensors Mobile Equipment Sensors, Specialty Sensors Light Industrial/ Commercial Sensors, Industry Links Pressure: Gauges, Diaphragm Seals, Transmitters, Switches, Temperature , Bimetal, Digital, Surface & Pocket, Thermometers, Gauges, Switches
Specialists in Gas Analysis: Stack Emissions Monitoring, Portables, Paramagnetic O2, Zirconia, Process IR, Sample Systems Pumps & Controls: 100% Processed Impeller Vortex Pump 1 - 6 inch Vortex, 3 - 12 inch Non Clog, Over 20 Different Alloys, Horizontal & Vertical with Power Frame Horizontal & Vertical Closed Coupled,Vertical Dry Pit, Submersible & Column
Specialty Valves, Sleeved Plug Valves, 2 Way, 3 Way, V Port, Caged, HF ALKY, Chlorine, Severe Service, Double Block & Bleed, Jacketed Complete Power Systems, Solar, Controllers, Batteries, Turbines, Inverters, Generators & Enclosures
Valves: Plastic Control Valves for Acids, Bleaches, Chlorine, Replacement OEM Valve Parts & Trim Isolation Flanges, pH Control, Custom Fittings & Valves Panel & Field Meters, Controllers, Scanners, Totalizers, Annunciators
Heated Enclosures, Sample Line Bundles, Instrument Impulse Lines, Freeze Protection Instrumentation Valves & Fittings / Electro Board

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